Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gina DeSilva Wins Supima!

We were so not surprised when one of our designers, Gina DeSilva, won the Supima Design Competition this week. One glance at her amazingly draped courderoy gown took our breath away & so did all of the other pieces, so much that we will have the gorgeous tie-dye number here soon...we will let you know when it arrives. In the meantime we still have some of her pieces from Winter so come on by while they are still on the racks.

Stormy Sea cuff sails through Time Out

It must be the cold temps as Time Out NY focused on a nautical theme this week, that and the upcoming New York Boat Show. Whatever it is we like it- they nabbed our amazing Stormy Sea Cuff by Flotsam & Jetsam - they are floating off the shelves but we just got in a variety of rose gold plated with a black enamel background and solid brass ones. Come grab a cuff and it's smooth sailin'. Here's the link (it's number 12) and you can also grab a copy of Time Out to see it front and center.